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The ematosoma is the emotional system of the body. Energy in motion is called e-motion. Emotion is the driving energy for everything you experience in your body. It is the connection between your spirit and your physical body that allows your physical body to move and for you to manifest the intentions of your spirit.

In 1997 I graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah and embarked on a journey of private practice that has revealed to me deep insights into the emotional connections that underlay all physical movements.


I learned how the divine intentions of our spirits integrate with the emotional reality we live in and where specific emotions reside in which muscles. Because our muscles are used to directly express our emotions they are the instrumentality of emotional expression itself.


When the instrumentality of our expression is restricted and we are in resistance to the divine emotional learning and development we have in our lives we develop "dis-ease" and experience this as pain.


As we practice the 7 sacred skills of emotional transformation and master them we manifest our divine intentions with no resistance dramatically transforming every aspect of our lives.


Personal Emotional Victory and Mastery are your destiny and I can show you how to RATT "relase attachemnt to trash" out the emotional trash..


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