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Do you live YOUR Divinity?

Click this link to take the 7 Sacred Skills Assessment

21 Questions about your experience of your own life right now


1- When you wake up every morning are you excited about your prospects?


2- Do all your relationships feel synergistic and aligned without any conflicts?


3- Does it feel like your life really has traction and horsepower to thrill and amaze you?


4- Do you feel like the energy you are using in your life is unrestricted in moving you in the direction you want to go with grace, confidence and speed?


5- Do you feel like everything in your life is working perfectly together to fulfill all the fondest hopes and passionate dreams you have every imagined?


6- Does it seem like everything is syncronizing and coming together for you almost effortlesslly?


7- Are your body your spirt and your emotions all feeling energized vital and alive and unrestrictedly available for everything you want to experience?


8- When you see beautiful things in nature like a sunrise or sunset or the clouds or beachs or mountains does it seem enthralling and dazzling and wondrous so you are in a state of childlike amazement and awe?


9- Does it seem like everywhere you look you behold beauty and things that inspire you?


10- Is your sense of personal purpose clear passionate and strong?


11- Does it seem like believing and fatih come naturally for you?


12- Do you feel deeply and intimately connected with divinity within yourself and others so your experience of yourself and others is wonderful and amazing?


13- Do you feel emotionally safe and nurtured all the time?


14- Does the food you eat feel good to your body and taste amazing and you appreciate and savor every nuance without any anxiety about enjoying it and what will result?


15- Is your sex life well balanced and feeling deeply connected and fulfilling?


16- Do you have the greatest sense that the world belongs to you and you care deeply for it and you are totally respectful of every living thing on the planet and want to preserve it and that you have that ability to do so?


17- Does it seem like all your spiritual questions have tangible and present answers that make sense to you and give you abiding wisdom, understanding and peace of mind?


18- Is your experience of God warm, friendly, intimate, trusting and secure? Do you feel like you can confidently ask anything and share everything with an unconditionally loving accepting and encouraging divine parent?


19- Do you feel like people know and love the real you?


20- Do you feel unrestrained kindness and compassion for everyone equally including yourself?


21- Does it feel like your personal heartsong is permitted, welcomed and cherished in the world and that you can sing it freely?


These are just a few symptoms of living IN YOUR DIVINITY.

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