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In the begining...

In the beginning I trained at Myotherapy College of Utah which was founded by the late great Jim Foster, a man I owe a debt of gratitude to for blazing a trail upon which I could build.


In Myotherapy's advanced energy grand tradition Jim blazed what was then pioneering work into what he called the "psycho-soma". Jim's clinical experience and gifts had revealed to him the direct connection of body and mind and he was gifted in facilitation of muscle release work which he understood had a mental aspect.


As I learned this I was also inspired to consider and inquire deeper into this connection and learned that the connection between body and mind is thru emotion. Had I not had his shoulders to stand on I would not have reached so deep and so high. I realized that what Jim called the triad of health (mind-body-spirit) suggested that not just mind and body are involved but spirit also. Psychosoma didn't acknowledge the full presence of spirit nor define the missing link between all three. That governing factor that was central . There must be something that connects all three and as I inquired and leaned into the question, I learned that that thing is emotion. The rest has been a glorious and beautiful process of ongoing revelation of the nuances of the ematosoma system as I continue to lean into undertanding it.


What I came to experience in massage training and subsequently in private massage practice is how central and governing a role emotion plays in our wellness and in our transformation physically. It seemed only fitting that I gave this awareness a name patterned after the term "psycho-soma" and call it the "emato-soma". Every client I have worked with and on since has deepened my understanding and widened my awareness of the ematosoma.


The ematosoma is quite literally a system just like other systems only it is not physically tangible like the skeletal system or the lymphatic system or the circulatory system, or the integumentary system. These are all physically tangible and easily identifiable. But the ematosoma is the emotional system and thru clinical practice and repeated validation I came to understand and appreciate it's reality and eventually line upon line piece at a time I developed a map of the emotional system of the body.


This understanding has grown as an ongoing meditation that started in my life in 1996 and continues to expand today. Like an image of the cosmos and the refinement that the hubble space telescope brought clarity to images that were originally fuzzy in astronomy. My ongoing meditation with the ematosoma has been progressively becoming clearer and brought into sharper focus.


If you were to liken this to clarification to a color wheel. In the beginning I was only really perceiving the primary colors and some of the secondary colors. Emotionaly only the most general and prominant emotions were all i was able to ideintify. But they kept manifesting in the same place client after client regardless of age or gender or any other factor. Those emotions simply resided in the same location for everyone. I eventually came to understand that this is just how we are organized as human beings. I also came to understand that other species are also organized on a similar emotional core framework and emanate emotionally just as we do.


Today my appreciation of the eamtosoma is dazzling and very much more clear and defined. I perceive degrees and mixtures of emotion just like blends of colors in a full spectrum color gradation wheel, or all the wonderful little counter melodies in a grand opus. What makes it so much fun is that the deeper I delve the more beautiful it all becomes to behold and the more fun to share. The fact that it is transforming the world one divine soul at a time is simply BONUS!!! WOO HOO!


The ematosoma is the result of my ongoing clinical meditation which at the time I write this spans 20 years. I was exploring this and learning about it in 1996 when I was still in school and now it's 2016. It has been and continues to be a spectacular journey and more and more people are becoming aware of the wonderful governing power and influence emotion plays in our lives and learning how to master the 7 sacerd skills of divine manifestation.


Please know that wherever you are in relation to this mastery, beginner, novice or master, there is always more to be revealed as you learn line upon line and precept upon precept, A beginner insists, a novice persists and a master relaxes into enjoying the process. Here a little and there a little and as you do your clarity will sharpen and your understanding and emotional wisdom wil also expand and deepen just as mine has. With new understanding and experience comes new perspectives and insights. Once you embark on this journey you will come to awake each day to a more glorious and beautiful emotional reality than the world you knew and perceived when you went to sleep the day before. You will not live one day a thousand times but you will live each day like a gift from heaven that it is to be savored and enjoyed and knowing that every tomorrow will be even better.


This meditation, if you choose to engage it will take you from any level of emotional hell to every level of emotional heaven. And your physical body WILL  transform in direct degree and proportion as you emotionally transform. It is simly the law of manifestation at work. Everyone can master this. It is a skill set that yields to the persistence and determination and level of engagement you bring to it. Bring the willingness to learn and engage and you may have full confidence that one day you will awake in a real manifestion of your divinity you can barely imagine now.




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