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7Sacred Skills of Emotional Mastery

There are 7 skills that manifest divine transformation.
Skills are proficiencies that are developed thru practice. What your spirit intends to manifest in and thru your body is something you can gain proficiency doing. You need to know what your divine manifestation skills are and how to engage them in your life if you want to be an emotional body master. Only as you master your emotions thru your divine intentions will your body and life experience the easy, flow and freedom of expression and joy that you are fully capable of experiencing.
The development of sacred emotional skills is the single most relevant factor to manifesting everything you most desire. You will progress no further in life than your level of emotinal body mastery.
The good news is that every one has within them the divine spark to develop these skills and manifest their spirit's divine intentions, Developing this proficiency will literally transform your life from hellish to heavenly in ways you may not be able to imagine.
The principles and teachings  of The Divine Examplar Jesus Christ  guides our discovery and expansion of the divine author within you.
Faith - the first skill
If you have faith even as the grain of a mustand seed
you can move mountains.
Faith is not to know the truth of something but the willingness to believe in the possibility of something being true and to take committed action in that belief to move forward step by step without evidence but still believing.
Gestation/Alignment of Attachments - the second skill
Yes digestion which is deciding what to gestate is an emotional skill. You get into congruence and alignment by lettting go of attachment to outcomes, take what helps and leave the rest.
What do you attach to and what do you detach from? What do you possess and what do you release? Do you hold on to things that do not serve your highest and best interest? Do you let go of things you would be better off if you kept them? Are you clingy or standoffish? You must be willing to be vulnerable and emotionally attach and bond  to what does serve your highest and best intetrest and detach or let go of attachments with whatever does not.
Acceptance, Allowing, Purposeful, Patient, Persistent, Presence
- the third skills
You are an emenating being and have a literal gravitational force like any other heavenly body.
Your presence in your purpose is the expression of your very existence you ARE that you ARE. You cannot manifest anything without BEING present in your purpose. Being present in your divine purpose IS the ultimate expression of your existence.
Pure Love - the fourth skill
Two quallities of love are compassion and empathy. This love to be honored and shared equally without any resistance.
Charity, which is the pure love of Christ never faileth.
Authenticity - the fifth skill
YOU are unique in all the universe and must claim ownership of all that is YOU.
Without claiming your divine identity you cannot author or authenticate ownership of your self and your manifestations. Claiming and owning all that is you and that you are manifesting is essential for accountability. We often do not permit ourselves or allow claiming and we must learn the art of allowing our claims.
- the sixth skill
Your ability to discern truth from error is critical to your perception and the light you allow to enlighten you. Without discernment you are blind, deaf, and insensitive to the divine intention within you and others and none of your natural senses serve the manifestion of your divinity if you do not discern correctly. Are you quite inside? Are you still so that you can hear that inner voice? Can God get a word in edgewise and have you hear it? You cannot remove a mote from anothers eye when there is a beam obscuring your own vision.
- the seventh skill
You learn truth and light but then you must abide in that truth, light and that understanding or your learning is in vain and profits you not. Only those who abide in truth and light and integrate it into their being living without pretense may be continually added upon. It is not just to know about truth but to manifest what you know that makes you wise. D&C88.86 Abide ye in the liberty wherewith ye are made free
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